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Australia is one of the top study destinations with an excellent education system. With 8 out of 120 World’s Top Universities and 5 out of 30 Best Student Cities in the World, Australia is home to over 1100 institutions offering a wide range of programs.

According to statistics, 35 Australian universities are among the world’s best-ranked universities. The country spends up to 250 million dollars per year on financial aid, scholarships, and grants for international students to study in Australia.

Known globally as one of the world’s most diverse and welcoming countries, with migrants from about 200 countries, the Australian society is a mixture of cultures that blend into a tolerant and relaxed lifestyle. Australia has consistently ranked in the world’s top 10 most liveable countries.

The contemporary lifestyle and indigenous culture attract many international students every year.

Australia for International Students

Australia has gained immense popularity among international students as an ideal study destination. While it promises to offer high-quality education, it also ticks all boxes fulfilling other expectations of international students that makes studying and living in Australia a unique experience. The relatively flexible entry criteria to get admission in Australia with easier access to high-ranked universities and the study schedules allow international students to manage their studies, research, and part-time employment with ease. Its multicultural society with a safe learning environment and friendly natives offers a home away from home making master’s or bachelor’s study in Australia an experience of a lifetime.

Why Study in Australia?

Australian universities are recognized worldwide for the quality of teaching, research, and graduate employment. The popular study destination excels in areas like science, technology, business, education, and humanities. Students have an option at every level of study in Australia be it bachelor’s, graduate certificates, diplomas, master’s, or doctorate. The Australian Universities provide an environment that promotes innovation, independent thought, and creativity. Students can work part-time for 40 hours every fortnight while pursuing education. International students get two years of post-study work visas allowing them to work in Australia and explore further horizons. No doubt Australia stands to be the third most preferred study abroad destination.

Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universities

  1. The University of Queensland, Brisbane
  2. Monash University, Melbourne
  3. The University of Adelaide, South Australia
  4. The University of Newcastle, Callaghan
  5. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane. 

Popular Courses

  1. Information Technology and Information System
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Civil and Structural Engineering
  5. Planning and Architecture

Qualifying Exams & Coaching

Cost of Education in Australia

The cost of study in Australia varies depending on the degree you want to pursue i.e. diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D., and also according to the ranking of the university. The average cost of study in Australia is between A$ 24000- A$ 36000 per year for undergraduate or post-graduate courses.

Key Characteristics

Capital: Canberra

Currency: Australian Dollar ($)

Population: 24.2 million

Students: 1.3 million (328,659 international)

Academic Year: February – November

Languages: English

Languages: American English

English Requirements

IELTS, TOEFL and PTE for proof of English language proficiency


Australia generally has two intakes, February and July

Work Opportunity

In Australia, your student Visa permits you to work for up to 40 hours bi-weekly while pursuing your course. During course breaks there is no restriction on number of hours permitted to work. One has to just ensure they have eligibility to work based on their VISA before taking up any type of paid work.

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