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Australia Stands among one of the top three study-abroad countries in the world, Australia offers a variety of graduate and postgraduate degree programs in more than a hundred different fields. With the majority of courses being taught in English, Australia is sure to be a fantastic option for international students seeking to study abroad destinations. When estimating the cost of studying in Australia before you leave your home country, be sure to include all of the costs, including your tuition fee, food, lodging, travel expenditures, and health insurance.

Tution Fees for International Students

Let’s examine the price of education in Australia for international students at various phases, starting with the main component of any costs related to studying abroad. The fees for various types of qualifications for international students in Australia are shown in the table below as a general guide. It should be noted by applicants that pricey courses like veterinary and medical are not included in these prices. Continue reading to learn how much it will cost a student to travel from India to Australia:
Education Level Cost/Year
Bachelor Degree 20,000 AUD- 45,000 AUD/year
Master Degree 22,000 AUD- 50,000 AUD/year
Doctoral/PhD Degree 18,000 AUD- 42,000 AUD/year

Tuition Fees At Top-Ranked Universities

Top Universities Average Tuition Fees
University of Melbourne 35,000 AUD/year
Australian National University 36,000-37,000 AUD/year
University of Sydney 37,000 AUD/year
University of Queensland 32,000 AUD/year

Cheap Universities in Australia

Affordable University Average Tuition Fees
University of New England 18,000 AUD/year
Victoria University 22,000 AUD/year
University of Wollongong 16,000 AUD/year
Monash University 17,500 AUD/year
Charles Sturt University 20,800 AUD/year
Torrens University Australia 21,700 AUD/year
University of Tasmania 15,725 AUD/year
Kaplan Business School 22,800 AUD/year

Living Expenses Included In Cost Of Studying In Australia

Another fee that goes into the price of studying in Australia is living expenses. International students will need to spend 20,000 AUD annually. Your daily expenses will change depending on your choices, such as the kind of neighborhood you live in, the sort of lodging you rent, the food you buy, the restaurants you eat at, the nightlife you choose to participate in, and other expenses. A summary of it is provided below:
Factors Average Cost Per Month
Accomodation 297 AUD- 743 AUD
Food & Groceries 208 AUD- 416 AUD
Transportation 44 AUD -89 AUD
Household Bills 14 AUD- 29 AUD
Shopping 118 AUD- 223 AUD
Miscellaneous 22 AUD – 29 AUD

Student Visa

To study at any university in this nation, you must hold an Australian student visa. AUD 630 is the entire cost of the Australia student visa.

Health Insurance

Australia mandates health insurance for all international students. It should come from the international student health program. The price range for this item is 609 – 3,438 AUD.

Sufficient Fund Proof

Students must show documentation of financial support to demonstrate that they have the necessary means to attend school in the nation. The bare minimum is 20,290 AUD per year.

Application Fee Payment

Most Australian institutions ask for an application fee to cover the costs of the admissions process. The application fees are 133 AUD.
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