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France has traditionally been a popular alternative for international students looking for affordable higher education abroad because of the country’s lower cost of living. This choice is based on the fact that the French educational system is well-known worldwide. The nation provides a variety of programs and internship opportunities at various stages of study.

Tuition Fees for International Students

The cost of a master’s degree in France is based on the university and program of choice for international students. For any MS program taken in France, the majority of French colleges charge national fees.

Cost of Studying at Private Universities in France

There are numerous private universities in France. The majority of these private institutions are business schools and provide a variety of courses in management and business. Private university tuition in France is expensive and varies depending on the institution.

Cost of Studying at Public Universities in France

The government in France pays the majority of public university tuition expenses, making it more affordable for students to enroll in courses there. International students and nationals of Europe pay the same tuition rates at most public universities.

Tuition Fees at Top-Ranked Universities in France

There are many QS-Ranked universities in France. The tuition charge is calculated based on the university and study options. Here is a list of France’s top universities, along with information on how much it will cost to attend each.
Top Universities Tution Fees
1. Universite PSL Bachelor’s- 170 EUR/year
Masters- 243 EUR/year
2. Institut Polytechnique de Paris Bachelor’s – 16,800 EUR/year
Masters – 13,000- 21,750 EUR/year
3. Sorbonne University Bachelor’s- 170 EUR/year
Masters- 243 EUR/year
4.Universit Paris- Saclay Bachelor’s- 170 EUR/year
Masters- 243 EUR/year
5. Ecole Normale Superieure De Lyon Bachelor’s- 184 EUR/year
Masters- 243 EUR/year

Affordable Universities in France

Most of France’s low-cost universities are supported by the French government, which is one of the factors contributing to their reasonable tuition. For instance, compared to students outside of the European Economic Area, international students from this region pay fewer costs. As long as they are within the European Economic Area, students offering postgraduate degrees pay a low price.
Affordable Universities Tution Fees
1. University of Orleans 170 – 601 EUR/year
2. University of Strasbourg 184 – 610 EUR/year
3. Grenoble INP Institute of Engineering Univ. Grenoble Alpes 122 – 470 EUR/year
4. University of Burgundy 170 – 601 EUR/year

Accommodation costs in France

The two main types of accommodation are individual residences and apartments for students. When it comes to housing, Paris has a greater cost of living than other districts.
Accommodation Type Average Cost in US Dollar
On campus 200EUR to 400EUR
Homestay 200EUR to 800EUR per month
Shared Rental 400EUR to 700EUR per month
Rental 400EUR to 550EUR per month

Cost of France Student Visa

A Long-Stay Student Visa application will set you back 99 euros. Depending on where you are from, the cost of your visa may include a Campus France or VFS Fee.

How much does it cost to live in France?

Your monthly living expenses in France Your particular manner of life and the location of where you choose to live will determine your monthly expenses in France.
  1. Food: 300 EUR on average
  2. Rent: 700 EUR
  3. Entertainment: 200 EUR
  4. Miscellaneous : $100 EUR on average
  5. Transport: 50 EUR on average
Keep this in mind! It is vital to keep track of your spending when you are a student living abroad to prevent overspending.

How much does health insurance cost in France?

Every citizen of France is required to have medical insurance to pay for medical costs as needed. Any public or private health insurance plan is available to students. Plans for international medical care are not accepted.
For the students’ medical needs, France offers a Universal Healthcare Coverage plan.

Can I work in the France while studying?

Yeah of course! In actuality, this is a beneficial way to pay your bills while studying abroad and gain useful work experience. In the US, foreign students are permitted to work 20 hours a week during the academic year and full-time during breaks. If you decide to work while you study, your income may be subject to taxation. ​
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