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Ireland is among the best options in the world for anyone seeking a high-quality education that is also affordable and offers lucrative employment chances. Some of the most resonant and ringing names in Ireland’s educational environment include University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, and University College Cork. It is essential to determine the cost before making travel arrangements for a purpose-driven study abroad program to have a clear understanding of your budget.

Tution Fees for International Students

The typical tuition for undergraduate programs was between €9,850 and €2,250. (INR 9,00,000- 22,00,000). Expect to pay between €9,950 and €35,000 (INR 9,00,000 and INR 31,00,000) per year for master’s and postgraduate programs in the most popular fields. However, if you want to pursue a doctorate in the nation, the cost may be roughly equivalent to that of a postgraduate degree. Additionally, if you choose an English language course, the course’s projected total cost will range from $150 to $950. (INR 13,000- 80,000). In addition, institutions may collect additional fees for things like test fees or functional costs.

Top Rated Universities in Ireland

The top-rated and most highly regarded Irish universities are shown below, along with their tuition costs:
Top Universities Average Tuition Fees
Trinity College Dublin 20000 USD/year
University College Dublin 20000 USD/year
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 18000 USD/year
National University of Ireland, Galway 6000 EUR/year

Affordable Universities in Ireland

The following is a list of reputable Irish universities with reasonable tuition fee
Affordable University Average Tuition Fees
University College Cork 6500 EUR/year
St. Patricks’ College 4500 EUR/year
University of Limerick 7000 EUR/year
Cork Institute of Technology 3500 EUR/year

Accommodation costs in Ireland

International students can live on campus at the majority of Irish universities. You can also choose off-campus housing, where you’ll live in apartments with other Indian students. Consult the college’s accommodations office for guidance. Depending on your location and the season, the cost of housing could be as high as €427 per month (if you decide to live alone).
Accommodation Type Average Cost
On campus €300-650 per month
Hostels and Guesthouses €200-300 per month
Shared Rental €450-550 per month
Rental €850 per month

Cost of Ireland Student Visa

To begin studying in Ireland, one must first secure a valid study visa, which costs money (around €60). Contact our Counselors to know more about Ireland Student Visa.

How much does it cost to live in Ireland?

Ireland’s cost of living includes, as a minimum, costs for food, housing and utilities, clothing, utilities, and transportation. The supermarket offers food at the most reasonable and cost-effective prices. Additionally, students can work part-time employment in Ireland to supplement their income and receive financial aid. Students who budget their money wisely can enjoy their studies and social lives without any difficulties. keep in mind the following typical expenditures:
  1. Food: €167 on average
  2. Rent: €427
  3. Internet/phone: €31
  4. Electricity/gas: €28 on average
  5. Transport: €135on average
Keep this in mind! It is vital to keep track of your spending when you are a student living abroad to prevent overspending.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost in Ireland?

The cost of hospitalization and medical care is high in Ireland. Therefore, it is wise to set up appropriate health insurance before entering the country. It is even more crucial because non-EU international students are not eligible for any free medical treatments in Ireland. Additionally, overseas students must demonstrate that they have health insurance while registering with the Irish Garda National Immigration Bureau. A student visa application also requires evidence of health insurance.

Can I work in the USA while studying?

Yeah of course! In actuality, this is a beneficial way to pay your bills while studying abroad and gain useful work experience. In the US, foreign students are permitted to work 20 hours a week during the academic year and full-time during breaks. If you decide to work while you study, your income may be subject to taxation. ​
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