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The greatest advantage you can give yourself is probably to choose to Study in the UK. You have a vibrant opportunity to share your past and discover fresh ideas and perspectives according to the dynamic academic structure, international recognition, and diverse student body from all over the world. In a nutshell, studying in the UK provides your resume a boost and helps you develop into a competent person in every way.

Tution Fees For International Students

Bachelor tuition fees for international students typically start at 10,000 British Pounds for lecture-based programs, and they can reach 38,000 for more specialized courses in engineering and medicine. Depending on whether a postgraduate program offers lecture- or lab-based courses, the course fee ranges from 11000 to 32000 pounds.

Cost Of Undergraduate Degree For International Students In UK

You must evaluate several significant considerations when pursuing an undergraduate degree in the UK, including the educational institution, the study program, and your place of origin.
International students typically pay more to study for an undergraduate degree in the UK than do students from the UK or the EU, for instance. The average annual tuition for undergraduate studies for international students may range from GBP 12,000 to GBP 9,000. There are more expensive fields than others. For example, earning a degree in medicine might cost you up to GBP 38,000.
Keep in mind that the university will only approve a student if they can successfully provide proof of their financial independence. As a result, you must demonstrate that you have at least GBP 1,015 in your bank account for each month you plan to spend in the UK, or GBP 1,265 if the educational institution is located in London. Your eligibility for a tier four student visa will be revoked if you are unable to demonstrate your financial situation. In addition, there is a GBP 150 immigration health sub-charge for stays less than six months and a GBP 300 annual charge for stays more than six months.

Cost of Masters Degree for International Students In UK

You might be relieved to learn that the average tuition fee you’ll have to pay for a postgraduate degree in the UK will be less than that of an undergraduate degree. Some programs, like the MBA or clinical postgraduate, may cost more than an undergraduate degree, though. You will often have to pay between GBP 12,000 and GBP 35,000 as an overseas student.
For international students, there are several full and partial scholarships, research grants, loans, and sponsorships available. Therefore, explore all of your choices to pay for your education, and don’t allow the cost to deter you from studying in the UK. Universities also provide financial aid, although the options are scarce. So, submit scholarship applications as soon as you can. Pay close attention to your academic achievement because it may help you receive a merit scholarship.

Tuition Fees At Top-Ranked Universities In The UK

The cost of the UK study programs varies significantly amongst universities. Here is a brief overview of the average tuition costs at a few of the top UK universities:
Top Universities Tution Fees
1.University of Oxford £18,000 – £40,000
2. University of Cambridge £16,000- £50,000
3. Imperial College London £16,000- £36,000
4. University College London £25,000- £34,000
5. London School of Economics and Political Science £16,000- £30,000

Affordable Universities In The UK

A list of affordable Universities in the UK is provided below. We have provided a list of the annual average range of tuition costs for these economical institutions in the UK for your convenience.
Universities Tution Fees
1. Leeds Becket University £9700
2. University in Bedfordshire £9750
3. University of Wales, Trinity, Saint David £10200
4. Wrexham Glyndwr University £10500
5. York St. John University £10000

Accommodation Costs In UK

International students typically live in the university house for the first year of their studies. Many institutions provide hall housing options that include and exclude meals. The cost of the catering service is incorporated into the rent they charge. In the later years of their coursework work, the students frequently move into rented apartments in groups or on their own. Undoubtedly more economical options include cooperative housing or university residence halls.
Accommodation Average Cost
Halls of Residence £400 – £600/ month
Private Apartments £800 – £1000/ month
Local Homestays £10 – £60/ night

Cost of UK Student Visa

The application fee for a UK visa is 335 pounds for anyone who lives outside of the country. You must pay the same amount per person if you have any dependents there. Your application for a British visa includes a healthcare premium that is an extra charge.
Contact our Counselors to know more about UK Student Visa.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In The UK?

Depending on the city you live in, the cost of living in the UK will vary. London has a greater cost of living than other cities because it is the capital. However, there are benefits to living in a big city like London, such as being able to locate well-paying part-time work, etc.
When planning your budget, keep in mind the following typical expenditures:
  1. Food & Groceries: £100 – £200 in Average
  2. Rent: £500- £700 in Average
  3. Entertainment: £40- £50
  4. Miscellaneous: £200
  5. Transport: £30- £40 in Average
Keep this in mind! It is vital to keep track of your spending when you are a student living abroad to prevent overspending.

How Much Does Health Insurance Cost In The UK?

Even if the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) will provide you with free care, you could still want to get private insurance. Your insurance may allow you to access private healthcare, which typically has lower waiting times than NHS care, and may also assist in paying for additional medical expenses like:
  • Lost expenses if you can’t finish your course
  • The price of traveling back home if a relative is ill
  • The price of bringing a family member to the UK if you get sick
  • The cost of receiving treatment in your home country
If you have health insurance in your country of permanent residence, you should confirm that it will cover you while you are in the UK.

Can I Work In The UK While Studying?

Yeah of course! In actuality, this is a beneficial way to pay your bills while studying abroad and gain useful work experience. In the UK, foreign students are permitted to work 20 hours a week during the academic year and full-time during breaks. If you decide to work while you study, your income may be subject to taxation.
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