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Italy has become one of the top travel destinations for international students in recent years. Italy’s redesigned educational system, which has become one of the best standards in the world, as well as the government’s increased investment in academic infrastructure and research are to blame for the country’s dramatic shift in how the world views it.

Tution Fees for International Students

Italy has surprisingly lower tuition costs than the majority of other European countries. The government has set upper and lower restrictions on the cost structure for university education, although institutions that provide higher education typically set their tuition rates. In reality, there is a minimum legal fee for enrollment and a maximum legal fee for student contributions. This maximum expense may not be greater than twenty percent of the state funding provided to the university. But the cost of some specialized degree programs is significantly higher.

Cost of Undergraduate Degree for International Students in Italy

The tuition rates at each institution in Italy are independently set. However, the annual cost of bachelor’s degree programs at public universities ranges from 900 to 4,000 euros. This expense will be capped by some institutions at 3,000 euros. The annual tuition at private universities ranges from 6,000 to 20,000 euros.

Cost of Master's Degree for International Students in Italy

Public universities in Italy are less expensive than private universities, as is true in all other nations. In public universities in Italy, the average annual tuition for a master’s degree is between 800 and 1000 euros. Private universities, on the other hand, might cost anywhere from 6000 to 20,000 euros.

Tuition Fees at Top-Ranked Universities in the Italy

International students’ tuition costs in Italy range between private and public colleges. The top Italian universities and their average tuition fee are shown below.
Top Universities Tution Fees
1. University of Milan € 4,000/year
2. University of Pavia € 5,000/year
3. University of Padua € 3,000/year
4. The Polytechnic University of Milan € 4,000/year
5.Sacred Heart University € 15,800/year

Affordable Universities in the Italy

Many Italian universities pay the tuition fees for foreign students who come to Italy to study. There are a few affordable universities in Italy; details of which are given below for reference for international students specifically:
Affordable Universities Tution Fees
1. University of Siena 1700 EUR/year
2. Free University of Bozen-Bolzano 1300 EUR/year
3. University of Torino 2600 EUR/year
4. Polytechnic University of Turin 1250 EUR/year
5. Ca’Foscari University of Venice 1900 EUR/year

Accommodation costs in Italy

Thirty-five percent or so of the international students’ total monthly expenses go toward housing. The average monthly cost of housing in Italy is between 200 and 300 euros. The average cost of housing for students who live alone is 266 euros per month, for those who live in student housing it is 257 euros per month.
Accommodation Type Average Cost
On campus 300 EUR / year
Hostels and Guesthouses 250-300 EUR/year
Homestay 591 EUR per month
Shared Rental 200 EUR/ per month
Rental 400 EUR/per month

Cost of US Student Visa

Candidates for study in Italy must acquire a type “D” visa and a residence permit within eight days of their arrival in Italy. Applying for a student visa to study in Italy costs roughly EUR 50.

How much does it cost to live in the Italy?

You should set aside some cash for emergencies, social events, and grocery shopping. A single student budget in Italy ranges from EUR 150 and EUR 700 every academic year depending on the city they choose to live in after taking into account various costs and living expenses. When planning your budget, keep in mind the following typical expenditures:

Food: EUR 150  on average

  1. Rent: EUR 200 
  2. Internet/phone: EUR 30
  3. Electricity/gas: EUR 30- 40 on average
  4. Transport: EUR 35 on average
Keep this in mind! It is vital to keep track of your spending when you are a student living abroad to prevent overspending.

How much does health insurance cost in the Italy?

For all individuals who are qualified for benefits from the Italian National Health Service and have a tax code, the Italian health insurance card (Tessera sanitaria) has taken the place of the Italian fiscal code card. On the back is a European Health Insurance Card. In By accordance with Article 50 of DL 269/2003, as amended by law 326/2003, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, along with the Italian Agency of Revenue, issued the Italian Health Insurance Card for Italian citizens. The Italian Health Insurance Card aims to enhance social security services by reducing costs, enhancing performance, and maximizing locals’ use of medical services.

Can I work in Italy while studying?

Yeah of course! In actuality, this is a beneficial way to pay your bills while studying abroad and gain useful work experience. In Italy, foreign students are permitted to work 20 hours a week during the academic year and full-time during breaks. If you decide to work while you study, your income may be subject to taxation. ​
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