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Right now, the best place to study abroad is the United States of America. Students from all over the world come here in great numbers to pursue higher education and get degrees that are recognized internationally because of their excellent academic standards.

Tution Fees for International Students

Public/State and Private universities make up the majority of the two groups in America. A public or state university has cheaper tuition than a private college or university. Your tuition costs will vary depending on the degree program and university or school you choose. You will require approximately USD 10,000 to USD 55,000 per year to pay for tuition (indicative).

Cost of Undergraduate Degree for International Students in USA

The average cost of undergraduate education for an overseas student attending a four-year college is USD 28000. After completing their 12th-grade year, many overseas students choose to pursue college degrees in the USA, including the MSc, MS, and BA programs. The programs a person chooses and the institutions to which they apply will, of course, affect the course costs. For international students, there are two-year and three-year private/public colleges and universities in the USA, and the costs will vary correspondingly.

Cost of Masters Degree for International Students in USA

Depending on the course and universities, the typical tuition for a master’s degree in the USA might range from USD 25,000 to 80,000. The cost of business courses like an MBA in the US and medical school there may be higher. Speaking of master’s programs in the USA, a lot of foreign students choose STEM programs, which include programs in science, technology, engineering, and math. Additionally, these programs provide optional practical training and up to a two-year stay-back period.
Ph.D. in the US The price ranges from USD 28,000 to USD 60,000 depending on the institution and the course.

Tuition Fees at Top-Ranked Universities in the USA

Knowing which top institutions in the USA provide their courses and programs at reasonable prices is crucial for anyone looking to pursue an education overseas, especially in the US. The following is a list of similar institutions in America:
Top Universities Tution Fees
1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 20000 USD/year
2. Stanford University 20000 USD/year
3. Harvard University 18000 USD/year
4. Yale University 18000 USD/year
5. Princeton University 19000 USD/year

Affordable Universities in the USA

A list of affordable MS universities in the USA is provided below. We have provided a list of the annual average range of tuition costs for these economical institutions in the USA for your convenience.
Affordable Universities Tution Fees
1. University of Houston 18,000-22,000 USD/year
2. Purdue University 20,000-30,000 USD/year
3. Harvard University 18000 USD/year
4. Yale University 18000 USD/year
5. Princeton University 19000 USD/year

Accommodation costs in USA

International students can live on campus at the majority of US universities. On-campus housing is a relatively reasonable choice, but you must apply separately and far in advance to guarantee a spot for yourself.
Additionally, you have the option of living off-campus in shared flats with other international students or in a homestay with a local family. You should be willing to adapt to a different way of life in such circumstances. Do not forget that rental prices vary from city to city.
The average price for most types of lodging in the USA is displayed in the table below. Given that average expenses differ significantly from state to state, the prices are simply suggestive.
Accommodation Type Average Cost in US Dollar
On campus $800 to $1000 each month
Hostels and Guesthouses $45 to $100 a night
Homestay $600-$3,000 per month
Shared Rental $470 to $3,600 per month
Rental $450 per month

Cost of US Student Visa

To begin studying in the US, one must first obtain a valid student visa, which cost about $160. Contact our Counselors to know more about US Student Visa.

How much does it cost to live in the USA?

You should set aside some cash for emergencies, social events, and grocery shopping. A single student budget in the US ranges from $ 10,000 and $ 25,000 (indicative) every academic year depending on the city they choose to live in after taking into account various costs and living expenses. When planning your budget, keep in mind the following typical expenditures:
  1. Food: $17 – 50 in average
  2. Rent: $105 – 210
  3. Internet/phone: $35 – 65
  4. Electricity/gas: $50 – 100 in average
  5. Transport: $38 in average
Keep this in mind! It is vital to keep track of your spending when you are a student living abroad to prevent overspending.

How much does health insurance cost in the USA?

Before the start of their program, all students traveling to the US must obtain medical insurance. Many American universities and colleges have started offering complete health insurance policies to foreign students, but they only apply while your program is still in effect and ends when it does.
You may need to make arrangements for private medical insurance because some institutions might not provide any insurance. The typical annual cost of medical insurance is between $700 and $1,000. (indicative). Find out more details on American health insurance.

Can I work in the USA while studying?

Yeah of course! In actuality, this is a beneficial way to pay your bills while studying abroad and gain useful work experience. In the US, foreign students are permitted to work 20 hours a week during the academic year and full-time during breaks. If you decide to work while you study, your income may be subject to taxation. ​
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