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Ireland, also entitled to be Europe’s most entrepreneurial nation, is a beautiful island country, with exceptional job opportunities.

With World-Class Universities, internationally recognized qualifications, and an extensive choice of courses, education in Ireland is value for money due to shorter and more intensive courses.

It is home to many of the world’s top high-performance companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Intel, Genzyme, and EA Games. It’s also a hub for the World’s Largest IT, Pharma and Finance Companies offering excellent employment opportunities for International Students.

Chances to get an indefinite right to stay also make Ireland an ideal study destination in Europe.

Ireland for International Students

Ireland is making headway as one of the most preferred study destinations for international students in Europe as it has one of the best education systems in the world. The majority of the international students are keen on getting admission to Ireland as it is an English-speaking country. Its higher education system ranks in the world’s top 20. Ranked to be the most peaceful place universally, named as the friendliest country, and secured a place in the world’s top 10 for Better Life Index; all these factors and the sociability and warmth of Irish citizens make Ireland an easily adaptable nation for international students.

Why Study in Ireland?

Ireland is the ideal study destination for those looking for IT, Pharma, or Finance-related courses due to the good job opportunities available here. The higher education institutions in Ireland offer 5000+ programs with universally acknowledged qualifications in varied fields leaving ample options for international students to study in Ireland. The tuition fees in Irish universities are reasonable as compared to other popular study destinations. Most of the master’s degrees in Ireland are for a one-year duration. International students at postgraduate or Ph.D. level are eligible for 24 months to stay back option.

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High Ranked Universities / Institutions

  1. Trinity College Dublin
  2. University College Dublin
  3. National University of Ireland, Galway
  4. University College Cork
  5. Dublin City University
  6. Technological University Dublin

Popular Courses

  1. Computer Science / Information Technology
  2. Data Analytics
  3. MBA/Management
  4. Biotechnology & Pharmacy related courses
  5. Accounting & Finance

Qualifying Exams & Coaching

Cost of Education in Ireland

The cost of education in Ireland ranges between 9000 Euros to 25,000 Euros per year for the undergraduate courses and 11,000 Euros to 25,000 Euros per annum for the post-graduate courses. The tuition fee varies depending on the chosen course as well as the university. The living expenses range from 7000 to 10000 euros per annum.

Key Characteristics

Capital: Dublin

Currency: Euro

Population: 5,015,956

Students: 236,000.

Academic Year: September- June

Languages: English, Irish

English Requirements

IELTS or TOEFL scores as a proof of English Proficiency.
Diploma programs: IELTS Overall band score of 5.5 & TOEFL: 75
Bachelor’s Degree: Overall band score of 6.0 & TOEFL: 80
Masters Programs: Overall band score of 6.0 & TOEFL: 80


spring (February) and autumn (September-October).

Work Opportunity

20 hours per week while pursuing the course and 40 hours a week during vacation

Eligible to apply for Green Card/Work Permit on getting job

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