Edway Education Consulting | Bangalore


The most important step in studying abroad is visa processing. A slight error in this process would make all the other efforts futile. So our counselors guide you step by step with the visa processing right from filling in the visa application forms to getting your documents ready and submitting them on time.

We provide you all the assistance you need to finish the procedure properly and quickly, which would otherwise involve hiring a skilled law firm or an attorney. Our VISA application preparation staff makes sure that your paperwork are prepared quickly and in accordance with international standards to avoid interfering with your travel or employment plans. In addition, once your visa has been issued, we guarantee delivery within the allotted timeframes so that you can begin preparing for your move well in advance.

We also conduct mock visa interviews to give you a feel of the actual visa interview. (Wherever required)

Years of experience coupled with a High Visa Success Rate make us the preferred choice for students.

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